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FIU's Applied Research Center is a worlds ahead research organization specializing in solving real-world problems through multi-disciplinary research.

Workforce Development

The DOE-FIU Science and Technology Workforce Development Program is an innovative program between the U.S. DOE-EM and FIU-ARC.

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FIU-ARC performs sponsored research in the areas of cyberspace architectures, multi-agent systems, visualization concepts, cyber resilience, reliability, efficiency...

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The FIU Nuclear Research Program consists of over 30 researchers from 6 academic departments in 3 colleges and FIU-ARC under the Division of Research.

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The DoD Mentor-Protégé Program offers incentives to major defense contractors to assist small disadvantaged businesses with developmental support.

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DOE Fellows Lecture Series featuring Dr. Miles Denham

FIU-ARC held the DOE Fellows lecture series on April 8, 2015 featuring Dr. Miles Denham from Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL). Dr. Denham joined SRNL as a research geochemist after obtaining his Ph.D. from Texas A&M in 1992. He has been instrumental in developing innovative treatments for metals and radionuclides including mercury, uranium, strontium-90, technetium-99, and iodine-129. Dr. Denham has been the lead geochemist on several projects to transition active...

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DOE Fellows Lecture Series featuring Dr. Miles Denham

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