Doing Business

Doing Business with the Applied Research Center

The Applied Research Center provides an effective and responsive interface between Florida International University and government and commercial sectors. The Center has a broad array of applied science and engineering programs, staffed by individuals with industrial and agency career backgrounds, who fully understand the imperatives of producing accurate, scientifically reliable results, within a budget and in a timely manner.

The Applied Research Center’s operating philosophy recognizes and accommodates the critical performance characteristics of government and commercial activities, while exercising the benefit of its cost structure in a way that serves both client interests and those of the University and its students. The staff at the Applied Research Center is fully engaged in the project and program activities assigned, as well as in mentoring students through internships that expose them to real-world experiences in their chosen fields.


The critical difference in the Applied Research Center’s structure is the administrative processes and structures that have been put in place to serve its clients. The Center has executed work for federal agencies, state and local governments, and commercial entities, in large part through task-based contracts. For instance, in working with the U.S. Department of Defense, the Center has acted as both the prime contractor and as a sub-contractor/consultant for commercial partners, serving to streamline the process.